Get A Kindle

If you already have an ereader like a Kindle or Nook, you don't need to read this. But in that case you know how awesome having an ereader is. So do your friends who do not have one a favor: send them a link to this page. Here, I will even give you an easy button to share it on Facebook.

If you do not already have an ereader, keep reading...

Listen, friend, it's time for you to get an ereader.

Look, I am not going to make you get rid of your home-phone with the long cord that stretches all over the house. I'm not going to make you get rid of your walkman. I'm not going to make you get rid of whatever other relics you have scattered around.

But you have to stop collecting piles of paper like this is the 17th century.

Do we really need to cut down a tree and power up the printing presses to get you a 20kb file?

"But Scott," you're probably saying (that's my name by the way), "give me some concrete reasons to get an ereader." Okay, I will:

Reason #1 - Save money

You could buy two ereaders and smash one into pieces just for giggles and you would still save loads of money. Why? Because ebooks cost way less than regular books. Why? Because it costs nothing to copy a digital file but it costs a lot of money to print a book on hundreds of pieces of paper, bind it up, and ship it all over the world. In fact, you only have to pay anything at all for new books; Old books in the public domain--like Walden or A Tale Of Two Cities--are free!

Reason #2 - Easier to read, easier on your eyes

When you have an ereader, you can change the size of the font on the screen. You can change the spacing of the lines as well. This makes reading much easier on your eyes.

Reason #3 - Easily transport books

If you have ever been on vacation without an ereader, you know the struggle of either suffering through packing a whole load of books or risking finishing the book you pack and not having another. With an ereader, you can transport your entire library in the palm of your hand. If you finish one book while away from home, you can start any other book you want right then.

Reason #4 - You'll read more

Having an ereader is so convenient and makes getting books so easy and cheap, you will read so much more. I read a lot before I had my ereader, but I read so much more now. Having an ereader is like being at the library always, all day every day.

Reason #5 - It's better for the environment

It's not just the paper with which 20th Century books are made; it's running the factories and shipping these books around in trucks that is bad for the environment and a waste of resources.

So go green, save yourself some money, and make your life a lot more convenient: Get an ereader.

"But Scott," you're probably saying (that's my name like I told you earlier in case you forgot), "how do I know which ereader to get?"

There's countless choices, but you basically have 1 big choice between 2 options:

Option A - You get a tablet, like the Kindle Fire. These will generally be backlit full-color screens, with full internet browsers and the ability to download games. It's like an oversized smartphone. Option A will cost more, but then you're also getting a tablet computer. If you were thinking about getting a tablet anyway, option A might be for you. Otherwise, I recommend option B.

Option B - You get a basic e-ink ereader. This is what I have. E-ink is an awesome technology. It looks just like paper. The screens are black-and-white, and they use almost no power. The screens are NOT lit like on a phone, tablet or computer. The battery life on these things is incredible. The battery lasts for weeks. The screen does not use any power. They are incredibly affordable. This is your lowest price option. And it's my preference because I like the long battery power and reading off the life-like screen. I say: Get the 6" Kindle. It's only $79 bucks! That's nothing. If it cost $200 I would still tell you to get it. Do you know how much money you will save in terms of buying books?! So stop procrastinating, and stop making excuses. Get a Kindle.

Option A

$379 ereader/supercomputer

Fire HDX 8.9, 16 GB

Option B

only $79, totally awesome

6" Kindle

"But Scott," (you remember right?), "What about having a bookshelf with all the books I have read?"

Great question that I thought of for you! That's why I worked really hard and programmed Bookshelves:

Bookshelves at Online Book Club

If you like reading please check out Bookshelves! It is a completely free online tool. It lets you save and share lists of books you want to read and books you have read. Trust me, you'll love it. Try it!