Review Requests - What is a featured status?

You may have noticed that when you purchase a review package it comes with a certain amount of time of "featured status". But what is a featured status? Reviews when published are posted as topics on our popular book and reading forums. The topics on a forum are all listed in the various forum genre categories such as the Historical Fiction Reviews Forum for example. Your review will be in the forum category for reviews of the genre of books you choose. Normally, topics on the forum are listed from newest to oldest based on the most recently added post in the topic. However, featured topics are made into sticky topics, which means they are listed above all the other topics regardless of age. Thus, having your review listed as a sticky topic provides much better exposure for your review and thus your book. Here is a picture of a sticky topic.

Also, all the books that have a review with "featured status" are listed on the very popular Reviews Page of the main site. That is basically the main review digest. The front-page lists all the reviews with featured status from all genres, but members can also filter it to only show reviews from a specific genre. In either case, your review will only be displayed for as long as it has featured status.

To get the best value, it is strongly recommended you order a Level 4 review request package. This is not only for the publicity the "sticky review" and other advertising provides, but because it will greatly help expedite your review and ensure you get a premium reviewer. In life, you get what you pay for. There is a strong economy of scale at play, so that you get more bang for each buck when you get the Level 4 package.

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