Online Book Club - Review Request Terms

By submitting a review request you agree to these terms, rules and conditions.

  1. You must have the legal right to upload the book you select.
  2. You are not allowed to attempt to contact the reviewer directly.
  3. You are not allowed to submit a review request if you are a member of the review team and you are not allowed to join the review team if you have submitted a review request.
  4. You are not allowed to promote your book directly on our forums.
  5. If you choose to upload a copy of your ebook, you are responsible for uploading a working copy of your ebook in the correct format. If you upload a corrupted or unusable file including one that is unusable due to DRM, your review request may be delayed.
  6. The safest and easiest way for you to get us your book is to purchase an ebook for the review team using the "Instant Kindle Gift" option. If you choose to do this, you will need to purchase the gift code, have it emailed to yourself and then submit it to us. You will need to do this before we select a reviewer for your book.
  7. If you opt to not have your review published, you will not be given a refund. The reviewer is paid the same amount for the work of reviewing your book regardless of whether the review is published publicly or not.
  8. You upload DRM-free copies of your ebooks at your own risk. While it is against our rules for our reviewers to illegally share copyrighted books, we have no way to enforce this completely. You agree not to hold or Scott Hughes responsible for inappropriate uses of the files you upload by our reviewers. You can protect yourself further by choosing the Amazon Instant Gift option which will enable the reviewer to download the book with the usual DRM.
  9. We do not accept porn, hate books (e.g. books promoting racism) or books that advocate illegal activity or violence. We reserve the right to reject any books whose content we find disagreeable for any reason without explanation. If we refuse to review your book for such a reason, you will be eligible for a refund.
  10. The books you upload must be in the correct format, readable and in comprehensible English. They must not contain viruses, ads or any other material besides the book.
  11. While we offer the option to not publish reviews below a certain rating, this is a courtesy, not a guarantee. We reserve the right to publish the review regardless of your preference and you promise not to hold us responsible for leaks of the review such as if the reviewer publishes it without our permission on the reviewer's personal blog.
  12. After submitting a review request, you will usually need to take further steps before we can select a reviewer such as but not limited to validating your email address, uploading the book, and submitting the book details such as word count and book description.
  13. Please note, usually only one of our reviewers will download your book. However, it is possible that more than one member of the team will be given your book. If the first reviewer finds the book to be a poor fit, another reviewer will be selected instead. Also, very rarely, the first review will fail to be completed or will be rejected for publishing if it it does not meet our strict guidelines or if there is some other problem with the reviewer. In this case, we will have a new reviewer read and review the book instead.
  14. Please take note of our estimated turnaround times. However, they are not guarantees. We can only guarantee our role in turnaround times. Additional delays caused on your part such as by not uploading your book right away are out of our control.
  15. Any violation of any of these terms or rules as well as any other terms or rules on the website in general such as the forum rules against posting spam can lead to your review request being rejected without your book being reviewed and without refund.
  16. Unless explicitly stated otherwise as a special offer, when we say satisfaction is guaranteed, it does not mean that that is a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. If there is an issue, we will ask questions and attempt to go above and beyond in fixing the issue, such as by delivering or re-delivering a replacement product/service. We expect that you will give us a good faith reasonable chance to fix any concerns or problems. That is not to say we will not give you a full refund if needed. Likewise, giving us a second try or a chance to fix the issue does not waive your right to a refund if we cannot go above and beyond in fixing issue. We just want to make it clear that saying "satisfaction is guaranteed" does not mean the same thing as a "no-questions-asked money-back guarantee". In fact, the latter is kind of sketchy. If some company hands out refunds without even asking about what went wrong or why someone's unsatisfied, that suggests the company knows their product is substandard and doesn't plan to fix it. Even if you are satisfied, we ask questions and beg for feedback so we can improve and get better.
  17. With the above point stated, and unless otherwise noted, all of our products and services come with a satisfaction guarantee. In fact, to say we guarantee satisfaction is an understatement. If you or any customer is "just satisfied", then we are not satisfied. We want you to be more than satisfied. If at any time you are not more than satisfied, please contact us immediately so we can go above and beyond to fix your issue.
  18. If you are a first-time customer deciding whether to give us a chance, please see our write-up Is Legit? (Yes!) If you have any questions or concerns at any time before or after ordering, please contact us.

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