Sell 200 Copies of Your Book, Guaranteed

Most authors never even sell 50 copies of their book. But we can guarantee you can sell 200 copies.

First, start the process of getting your book reviewed by submitting the short form below.

Second, follow the 10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book. (Read the 10 Step Plan.) Keep in mind, you do not just need to read the short plan, but you have to actually follow the 10 steps to be guaranteed to sell 200 copies.

Third, schedule your book for Book of the Day before the end of the year. To be eligible for Book of the Day, you must first submit your book for review below.

If you follow the 10 Step Plan AND make your book the Book of the Day, you will sell more than 200 copies of your book, guaranteed. Or we will buy the difference! This is a limited time offer. You must get the 10 Step Plan today and your book must be Book of the Day before the end of the year. (Book of the Day spots are filling up fast!) Testimonials and Recommendations Testimonials and Recommendations

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