August Book of the Month: Puk Time

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Each month our free-to-join online book club has interesting in-depth discussions about an exciting new book that we choose to read leading up to that month. Puk Time by Jonathan Nichols is a top-rated series of short stories. It's been rated 4 out of 4 stars by our professional review team and is going to be the August book of the month!

About the Book - Puk Time

Puktime is essential reading for anyone doing business in Asia, but is also a quick, intriguing and fun read for all. It highlights the opportunities and risks associated with a country that has existed in relative isolation for the past twenty years. Largely untapped, Myanmar is a haven for those with the entrepreneurial spirit to get in at the ground level.

It was not easy for Jonathan, he endured all that Myanmar and its people could throw at him. No matter how hard he fell, he kept getting back up. Nothing could keep him down. He has embarked upon a challenge of epic proportions. The business environment in Myanmar is particularly complex for the foreigner, it is ever changing and a constant battle. Rewards will only come through persistence and determination!

About the Author - Jonathan Nichols

Jonathan Nichols (Mr. John) is a young Australian entrepreneur.

Jonathan displays a social conscience and is not blind to the plight of Myanmar’s “Have nots.” He is eager to make a difference in Business and to the local people at large.

The Review - 4 out of 4 stars!

"This book has a lot of great elements that make it a pleasant and entertaining read. The author begins by providing us some information about Maynmar and of what had happened there until April 2012..." Read the whole official review

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The whole book is under 100 pages and available for less than $8. Pick it up and read it so you can join the exciting group discussion in August.

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