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This is the page for the publisher Mascot Books.

Mascot Books is listed as the publisher of 20 books in our database. Based on those books, Mascot Books represents 17 authors.

The average rating of books published by Mascot Books is 3.7 out of 4 stars. For comparison, the average rating for all books in our database is about 3.2, so based on those ratings this publisher is above average.

Publishers play a huge role in vetting, editing, and producing the books they publish. Thus, we recommend strongly considering the ratings and reputation of a publisher when choosing whether to buy and read a book.

Books Published by Mascot Books


The Twilight Saint
by Jessica Penot

Loukas and the Game of Chance
by Anthony L. Manna

Children's Books

What's College About Anyway?
by Betty Thomas Patterson

Oh No! Not Chlo-nado!
by Richard Galichon

My Daddy Loves Me
by Shanalee Sharboneau

Odonata The Flying Jewel of Maiden Grass Pond
by Barbara Gervais Ciancimino

The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris
by Steven Joseph

Remembering Joseph Chickadee
by Nancy Peek Youngdahl

Loukas and the Game of Chance
by Anthony Manna

Love, Grandma
by Ann Morris

My Purple Kingdom
by Gaby DeGroat

Rita the Remodel Girl
by Kathy Guyitt

Five Mile Charlie
by Kimberly Adams

Ruth Adventures, Best Friends Forever
by Nancy Youngdahl

Ruth Adventures; Life on the Farm
by Nancy Youngdahl

The Super Smart Girl Book
by Latina McIntyre


KENTUCKY BARRACUDA: Parker Hardin French (1826-1878)
by Joe Goodbody


Pearl River Mansion
by Richard Schwartz

Genre Unknown

Show Your Shine
by Karla Brinkman

Simply Indian
by Nita Desai

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