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Hi, my name is Scott Hughes, but you may know me better by pen name, Eckhart Aurelius Hughes. I am a bestselling author, a very successful entrepreneur, and pretty damn fit especially for a full-time dad and busy business owner.

My website,, has already accrued over 5 million members, with thousands more joining every single day.

My book Achieve Your Dreams earned over 4,000 downloads in the first week it was released on Kindle, becoming the #1 bestseller in its category.

My newest book, In It Together, sold over 1,000 copies via Kickstarter before I even wrote it, and went on to become the absolute #1 bestseller on all of Barnes & Noble, as well as reach the top 100 on all of Amazon. It even was outselling and outranking Michelle Obama's for a little bit, but then she pulled back ahead. I can help any writer or artist become extremely successful, with a doubt.

Physical fitness is just a hobby of mine and far from my top priority, but I am still quite successful in that realm too. A good illustration is this video of my pull up form.

In the realm of sports and physical fitness, I am also very proud of my boxing, my shooting, and my dancing.

Point being, I have proven through my own repeated and continuing successes in all sorts of fields and contexts that my system for achieving goals works.

With my mentoring, if you follow my advice and strategies, I can guarantee you achieve your goals, including financial, fitness, and otherwise.

People will say the results that you achieve using my system are incredible and unbelievable, except they will have to believe it when they see it with their own eyes.

If you want more than anything to make a million dollars, I can make that happen for you. Guaranteed.

If you want to lose 50 lbs, I can make that happen for you. Guaranteed.

If you want to gain 10 lbs, I can make that happen for you. Guaranteed.

If you want to start your own business, make a living from it, and quit your day job, I can make that happen for you. Guaranteed.

If you want to write a book and become a bestselling author, I can make that happen for you. Guaranteed.

Whatever your goal is, I can guarantee that you will achieve it using my system and mentoring.

With my mentoring, not only will you get my advice, but also you will get my direct support in the form of me sharing with you my resources, connections, and audience. In other words, I will make sure you not only have the knowledge but also the actual resources and opportunities to put that knowledge to work.

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