July Book of the Month: Love, Lust, and Other Complications by P M George

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Here at OnlineBookClub.org we take pride in featuring books that you might not otherwise see. We know you don't need to be told about the Harry Potters and Twilights that everyone is talking about. We find the up-and-coming gems--the books by authors everyone is going to be talking about next year. We are happy to announce that this July our book of the month is going to be a book that our own in-house professional review team gave 4 out of 4 stars, Love, Lust, and Other Complications by P M George.

About the Book - Love, Lust, and Other Complications

Can you find love or does love find you? Is desire, sex, and obsession possible at any age or is it only for the young? Sue is looking for male company to add something extra to her life. On the advice of her daughter she experiments with inter-net dating, experiencing less than positive outcomes. By chance, while on a coastal walk, she bumps into a runner, Mike, and unexpectedly, a passionate affair ensues. Their sexual relationship is intense and unfettered, not hampered by age or the late life expectations of others. In searching to fulfil her needs Sue has to wrestle with issues formed over her lifetime about relationship between males and females. Insecurities arise that threaten her confidence and the sense of independence. Perceiving women to be a mystery, Mike is on his own journey, exploring whether loving them and lusting after them is the same endeavour. Their getting together sparks insecurities and the necessity of dealing with conflicting views about love and sex and about age and connection.

About the Author - P M George

P M George was born and educated in Melbourne. A significant career as a psychologist, an educationalist and a coach has provided insights about relationship and human connection that has informed this debut novel.

The Review - 4 out of 4 stars!

"A good book is about a simple humane story, written with a great talent. This is such a book. The pace was a bit slow, but it befitted the budding relationship..." Read the whole official review by one of our best, most respected reviewers Gali!

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