Yes, Online Book Club is Legit

Is Legit? Yes, is absolutely legit. has been around for well over 10 years. It has over one million members. This is not some small fly-by-night website.

99% of our members are not authors but just book lovers. However, since we have such a huge audience of readers, tons of authors and book publishers are also interested in our advertising and book marketing services. For them, here is a link to some of the countless public testimonials made by authors and publishers.

For readers looking to learn if Online Book Club is legit, you can easily check out our reviews on trusted third-party websites such as Sitejabber and TrustPilot. You can also see a long list of testimonials made publicly by authors and publishers on their own social media pages.

How else can I know Online Book Club is legit?

There are many ways you can be extra sure Online Book Club is legit.

Firstly, the creator of, Scott Hughes, has a verified personal Facebook Page (verified with a blue checkmark). This is not some special celebrity page, this is his real regular Facebook page created when he was a teenager before Kindle even existed. It has pictures of his kids and his family. If was doing bad things, people could easily find him or tattle on him to his wife via Facebook. We are not some anonymous fly-by-night internet company. We are an old website with huge audience and a great reputation with staff that is the opposite of anonymous.

Secondly, if you are signing up as a book reviewer, keep in mind it is 100% free. You never give us your credit card number or anything like that. Our review program is not one of these countless internet things where we promise you riches in exchange for a small startup fee. There is no start up fee. There is no secret catch. The catch is that you won't get rich and that, if you don't love reading books, it is not good offer. Reading books takes a long time. If you look at reading books as a job or a chore, it's a terrible job. But if you read books anyway without getting paid, then getting a little payment on top of reading feels like getting free money.

Thirdly, if you are an author, publisher, or other person interested in advertising or our book marketing services, then please note that all of our services come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. In fact, to say we guarantee satisfaction is an understatement. If you are "just satisfied", then we are NOT satisfied. We want you to be more than satisfied, and we will keep working until you are. If at any time you are not more than satisfied with Online Book Club, then please contact us asap so we can go above and beyond to make you more than satisfied, which ties into our fourth point...

Fourthly, we are super easy to contact. There is a contact link on every page of the website, both in the header and in the footer. Here is the direct link to the contact page. We also have a Public Suggestion Box for suggestions and feedback. As a backup way to contact us or get any problem resolved, you can also contact the owner and creator of, Scott Hughes, directly via LinkedIn or via Facebook.

Remember, signing up for is completely free and takes 30 seconds. Sign Up Now. If you have any trouble signing up or logging in, then contact the webmaster, Scott Hughes, via LinkedIn or via Facebook.