Below is a public letter written by Scott Hughes, the creator of

A force of unbelievable love...

I believe there is a force of unbelievable love and goodness deep within you, and that force is you more than anything is you. It's like a beautiful light trying to work its way out of you, and shine through your art or shine through your deepest feelings of love and through your kindness.

Sometimes the world seems so dark and lonely, no matter how bright the sun shines or how many people you find within physical vicinity.

Sometimes you may feel lost in the world. Sometimes you may feel the world has lost sight of you.

But more of us see the light in you than you realize. If we fail to show it to you sometimes, or most of the time, maybe it's because we are trapped in the dark trying to get out too.

Stay strong, my friends. There's beauty in the struggle. There's so much to overcome, but imagine what it could mean to overcome it. You are truly amazing even if it often goes unseen or unshown. The world only seems so cold and dark sometimes because you are so bright. Your incredible potential sets a high bar.

With love,
Scott Hughes

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