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The trick to getting sales of a good book to go viral, even if the book is independently published, is to get good reviews from trusted sources who have top exposure. The importance of this has been addressed in this topic in our writers' forum. We can offer you all of that. If you send us a review copy of your book in digital format, i.e. an ebook, someone on our team of reviewers will read the book and honestly review it. This review will be displayed on this website full of potential interested buyers who love to read and who trust the reviewers.

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Please note, we do NOT offer 'positive' reviews in exchange for a review copy, only honest reviews. We will read and honestly review your book. If the reviewer does not like your book, then you can opt to not have the negative review published publicly and instead you can privately take the constructive critisim. In order to maintain the integrity of our reviews, we cannot edit out any bad or negative comments or otherwise give you editorial input on the review. The reason this system works so great at promoting an indepently published book and jumpstarting the sales of books is because the reviews are honest and have a trusting following. It's the trusting readers of the reviews who cause postively reviewed books to go viral by buying the book based on their trust of the good review. If your book is no good, then you are wasting your time trying to promote it anyway.