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Welecome to the breakout authors page on Online Book Club. One of the best things about Online Book Club is that we don't just throw the same recycled bestsellers at you that you can find front and center in any bookstore or other website. No, we introduce you to up-and-coming books and authors, the best-selling authors of tomorrow, the ones you might not hear about anywhere else. Come back to this page often, we update the featured authors every couple days. Check them out...

  • Peter Alpert

    The Vanishing Chemist

    Greed and opportunity become a volatile mix in retired attorney Peter Alpert’s novel The Vanishing Chemist.

    Chemist Madison Bellamy first contacts attorney Mark Conover when he faces a $12 million judgement for allegedly polluting Colorado waterways with his platinum refinery. Conover gets the judgment overturned, but he hears from Bellamy again when the eccentric chemist continues his unscrupulous practices in Arizona.

    That won’t be the last contact. Bellamy’s greed leads him into high-stakes finance deals and takes him around the world in pursuit of cash. Getting governmental approval before he sells stocks is simply a formality that Bellamy doesn’t have time to deal with. What he does have time for is a Bulgarian beauty who joins him in his quest.

    Throughout it all, he phones Conover, hoping to stay one step ahead of the authorities as he tries to get the pot of money of his dreams. How long can he keep it up? Conover merely wonders as the calls keep coming and he finds himself circling the globe in an effort to keep up with Bellamy.

    Based on factual events, Alpert weaves a tale of international intrigue that gives readers an inside look at courtroom proceedings, high-finance risks, and the trappings of greed.

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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  • Ian Yamagata

    Mark of the Remaker

    Hugo Ari grew up in the shadow of his late father, a Remaker named Wayland. All Hugo knew about his father was his heroic role in the Hundred-Year Void War.

    When enemy Techan forces attack Hugo’s hometown of Bringer, Hugo must find the courage to defend his father’s legacy. As Bringer burns, Hugo discovers a secret about his past . . . and the possible key to his people’s survival.

    Accompanied by a fellow band of Bringer survivors, Hugo retreats to a hidden hollow deep in the Gündrif Mountains. As Techan soldiers advance perilously closer, Hugo races to uncover the meaning behind his glowing red birthmark…

    Meanwhile, in the Techan capital of Rowan, General Analah Crescent is assembling a force of powerful warships and state-of-the-art sky stingers. Her orders are to capture Hugo at any cost. The emperor of the Techan Empire, a fallen Remaker named Rubin, will stop at nothing to expand his power and crush any movement to overthrow his reign—no matter if it means betraying his people once again.

    Can the Dwarves, Elves, Reptilians, and other races unite in time to save the world of Mythra? Or are Hugo and his fellow Bringer warriors doomed to repeat the mistakes of Wayland’s generation?

    A thrilling Heroic Fantasy, book one of Ian Yamagata’s debut series takes us into a new, unforgettable world, where enemies are not always what they seem . . .

    Officially rated 4 out of 4!

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  • Anthea Carson

    The Dark Lake

    Something is wrong with Jane.

    It's not that she still lives with her parents in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, although she's well into her thirties. It's not that she can't keep a job, stay sober, or function as an independent adult. It's something else. Something she can't quite remember.

    There was a party. And a car. And the lake.

    Officially rated 4 out of 4!

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  • Peter Alpert

    Runaway: A Tragedy of Youth

    Like many teenagers, Jim Carson doesn't get along with his parents, feels he is neglected at home and finds it hard to connect with classmates and teachers at school. Devising a half-baked plan, he flees his Florida home in the middle of the night for what he hopes will be a new start on the West Coast. What he encounters along the way is life changing, but not in the way he had hoped. Based on a true story, Runaway: A Tragedy of Youth takes an unflinching view of what can happen when impulse overcomes prudence, when a split-second decision can pull a life off its rails.

    Officially rated 4 out of 4!

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  • D.F.Jones

    Ruby's Choice

    Ditch Lane Diaries: Ruby’s Choice is the debut novel by D.F. Jones and book one of the Ditch Lane Diaries. Ruby’s Choice is a coming of age story set in the late 1970’s in Middle Tennessee with a splash of paranormal which will blossom in the second and third books of the series. Ruby’s Choice-

    Everglade, Tennessee, 1977
    Ever since Ruby discovered an amber-encased spider web in the Campbell Ridge Cave, she has had dreams of births, deaths and glimpses into the future. Ruby’s dreams have foretold the daughter of her high school friend, Cathy, the death of her beloved Aunt Sammie, and the coming of a new love in her life.

    Ruby’s shift is coming to a close at Everglade General Store. As she stacks the last row of bath soap, Ruby recalls the delicious dream she had the night before. In the dream, a gorgeous guy is kissing a tickle spot, just behind her left earlobe, sending shivers up her spine. If only that dream could come true, instead of the one where a state trooper gives her a seventy-five dollar speeding ticket!

    Ruby snaps back to reality when she hears the store’s front door bells chime. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say the frickin’ Adonis from her sexy dream just walked through the door.

    Reed Jackson and Brent Brown introduce themselves to Ruby as members of the local baseball team her brother, George, manages. Brent mentions they specifically came out to the store to meet George’s hot, little sister. Ruby is slightly confused when she hears Reed murmur Tap It under his breath, but then she remembers the rumor going around campus about Reed and Brent’s dating game, where the two best friends compete to have a girl profess undying love to one of them. And Tap It is a winner takes all—all of what, though, Ruby has no clue.

    Ruby decides that she’ll play along, but according to her rules. She’ll suss out if either of these players is worthy of her love and respect. One thing is for sure, Ruby is no pawn.

    Who will be Ruby’s Choice?

    Officially rated 4 out of 4!

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  • Owen Watson

    What Matters Most: Family, Friends, and Foes

    The content within “What Matters Most: Family, Friends, & Foes” is derived from true life experiences that I have lived, witnessed, and gleaned from throughout my life as a child, adult, minister, U.S. Postal employee, and U.S. Navy Sailor. I must say that I am very thankful for the ability to share these treasured philosophical inspirations to reach and uplift others beyond the brink of those “what’s going on?” moments.

    As the title implies, the sources of inspiration for this project are my family, friends, and foes. One philosophical key that I hold to is that viewing circumspectly, you can surely learn something from everyone. As useful signage from God, I believe everyone and all circumstances hold a level of value to help make each of us a better person.

    My hope for this book is that each reader will find their answer to what matters most and press forward in God’s joy!

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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