March Book of the Month: Forever Twelve by Meg Kimball

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Welecome to the breakout authors page on Online Book Club. One of the best things about Online Book Club is that we don't just throw the same recycled bestsellers at you that you can find front and center in any bookstore or other website. No, we introduce you to up-and-coming books and authors, the best-selling authors of tomorrow, the ones you might not hear about anywhere else. Come back to this page often, we update the featured authors every couple days. Check them out...

  • Anthea Carson

    The Dark Lake

    Something is wrong with Jane.

    It's not that she still lives with her parents in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, although she's well into her thirties. It's not that she can't keep a job, stay sober, or function as an independent adult. It's something else. Something she can't quite remember.

    There was a party. And a car. And the lake.

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  • Michael Reagan

    The Devil's Handshake

    "The Devil's Handshake" is fast paced political thriller set in the global backdrop of natural resources. The protagonist, Sir Thomas Litchfield is an Anglo-Russian billionaire bound by Homeric code who tries to steer a pragmatic course in the new "Cold War" between USA and Russia.
    The story unfolds in a fictional nation located in the Horn of Africa. Taking the reader on a journey through the intrigue and clashes as two contrasting worlds meet.
    The key to this battle and what ultimately brings the countries to the brink of war is the new naval base that Russia is about to construct in the young African nation as part of Litchfield's natural resources deal. To counter the re-emergence of the new look Russia, the new director of the CIA manipulates his President to effect a regime change in the country by backing an ambitious Interior Minister who is the chief antagonist in his coup attempt. To stop this Litchfield and his team broker a deal between the two powers "below the line" to stop them going to war. At the end of the book although he is successful as the two nations avoid going to war it is the loved ones of Thomas who ultimately pay the highest price.
    Neither good nor evil; Litchfield is a survivor who adapts to the situation around him: The two key impact characters that influence the Litchfield character are: his true love a former beautiful young prostitute from Turkmenistan that he saves one night and his bodyguard who tries to act as the voice of reason in his life, but fails. The book's overall premise is. "Blood is always thicker than water," and despite trying what may Litchfield and the villain and those around them can never escape their pasts and with the underlying theme of "Life doesn't always bring everybody who commits a crime to justice" and there always has to be a "Scapegoat" when the Bear meets the Eagle in the field of battle.

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  • Fran Connor

    The Devil's Bridge

    A soldier facing imminent death in a WW1 trench is saved by a mysterious mist that he believes may be an angel. There is a price to pay and that creates a twenty five year struggle between him and the mist when he finds it came from Hell not Heaven. If he does not obey the mist then the life of his wife will be forfeit but there is a red line that he will not cross.

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  • L. N. Nino

    The Gray Man

    A fable about lost identity, the American Dream... and death. The desperate narrative written by a man locked inside the labyrinth of his own mind... A fast-paced descent of the slippery slopes of morality into the inescapable Abyss... A satire about immigration and trying to stay true to your dreams in a globalized world.
    "The Gray Man" (13,000 words, 50 pages) is all the above and much more. You'll have to read it if you want to understand and enjoy its many possible readings.

    Officially rated out of 4!

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  • Haylie B. Fox

    Falling Off the Career Ladder

    Teresa Vadney is a high-powered Southern Californian attorney who is totally obsessed with her job. But one day everything changes. Her seemingly straightforward plan to attend her best friend's wedding in Italy turns her life upside down. Despite a chain of mishaps, from a near kidnapping to a skiing fiasco, Teresa falls in love--not just with Italy but also with a handsome, charming man.

    On top of all of this Teresa must cope with her well-intentioned but irritating mother whose advice is insightful but not always welcome. Now she must rethink everything: her choice of career, of country, and of love. As she strives to regain what is most precious to her, Teresa discovers something even better waiting for her at the end of her journey.

    Officially rated out of 4!

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