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Welecome to the breakout authors page on Online Book Club. One of the best things about Online Book Club is that we don't just throw the same recycled bestsellers at you that you can find front and center in any bookstore or other website. No, we introduce you to up-and-coming books and authors, the best-selling authors of tomorrow, the ones you might not hear about anywhere else. Come back to this page often, we update the featured authors every couple days. Check them out...

  • Anthea Carson

    The Dark Lake

    Something is wrong with Jane.

    It's not that she still lives with her parents in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, although she's well into her thirties. It's not that she can't keep a job, stay sober, or function as an independent adult. It's something else. Something she can't quite remember.

    There was a party. And a car. And the lake.

    Officially rated 4 out of 4!

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  • Ron Replogle

    A Guided Tour of Mad Men: The Second Season

    You've probably discovered Mad Men's many virtues for yourself. Think of this e-book--the second in a series devoted to each Mad Men season--as a guided tour of of a television series that presents you with more than you can take in on a single visit. Mad Men comes at you in the form of weekly episodes, grouped into seasonal packages of thirteen spaced across a currently projected seven television seasons at intervals ranging, so far, from eight to seventeen months. To appreciate the nuances of its storytelling you need either a photographic memory or the leisure periodically to review all of the past seasons in preparation for the next one. Who has that good a memory or that much time? This e-book is designed to simulate the experience of flipping back over Mad Men's pages so that you can savor the pages to come.

    Officially rated 4 out of 4!

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  • Rayna Dee

    The Fifth Season

    Daman Rathore and Muskaan Goel are not what one would call a match made in heaven. They are two dissimilar people fated together! One, a romantic, is in search of her Prince. The other, afraid to love, tries his best to resist being that Prince and fails.

    Accepting defeat, he chooses to become her Prince and protect his Princess always -but he fails again. When the Princess is in dire need of protection the Prince, blinded by his fear to love, deserts her. When he realizes his folly it is too late and the Princess is far out of his reach.

    To win her back and reclaim his love, the Prince has several intimidating challenges to face, from her determination to never go back to him to his ego, his temper and his utter cluelessness of what true love is. On this road to redemption he has to fight Suvedh, the man completely smitten with his Princess, and keep himself away from the dusky socialite Amaira who, with her mysterious aura, captivating eyes, and a body that is every man's sinful fantasy, is willing to do anything to own the Prince.

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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  • Riaan Booysen

    Thera and the Exodus

    This book presents a brand new interpretation of the biblical Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. It is shown that an eruption of the volcano on Thera, present day Santorini, caused the outbreak of a deadly disease in Egypt. In order to appease the anger of the gods, Amenhotep III ordered all first-born in Egypt to be sacrificed in a fire. Prince Tuthmosis, his first-born son, was first in line to be sacrificed in the fire, but narrowly escaped this horrific death. This event was recorded as the 'burning bush' episode in the Bible. Prince Tuthmosis became the biblical Moses and led a successful rebellion against his father. Amenhotep III and his army retreated to Nubia for a period of 13 years, the so-called Amarna period. Moses was joined by Solomon's army and together they plundered Egypt, destroying all its gods. It is shown the Solomon's Queen of Sheba was none other than Nefertiti, the beautiful wife of Akhenaten.

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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  • Joan Slowey

    Woman with Doll and Other Stories

    This collection of short stories is set in a small, seaside town in the north of Ireland. The characters are known to each other and sometimes appear briefly in each others stories. They live on the edge of life, with their own peculiar way of seeing things and sometimes solving their problems in very strange ways. The sea is a constant in all their lives; for some it is their livelihood; for others a source of peace and solace.

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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  • Jude Pittman

    Books We Love Triple Threat - Jude Pittman

    Jude Pittman's Triple Threat contains three complete novels, that give the readers a fabulous mixture of Texas humor, heart-pounding action, sexy nuances and mounting suspense. There's plenty of excitement, plenty of intrigue, a local flavor to tickle the toughest of taste buds and a good serving of hot, steamy romance to titillate the senses. The main characters in this contemporary murder mystery are artfully created and surprisingly colorful. Kelly is relentlessness personified and his sweet, Texas manners made him endearing to the reader. Jake is the best dog a man could ask for, and Stella is a sassy firecracker. Meet all of these characters and more in the three book Triple Threat containing Deadly Secrets, Deadly Betrayal and Deadly Consequences.

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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