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Welecome to the breakout authors page on Online Book Club. One of the best things about Online Book Club is that we don't just throw the same recycled bestsellers at you that you can find front and center in any bookstore or other website. No, we introduce you to up-and-coming books and authors, the best-selling authors of tomorrow, the ones you might not hear about anywhere else. Come back to this page often, we update the featured authors every couple days. Check them out...

  • Anthea Carson

    The Dark Lake

    Something is wrong with Jane.

    It's not that she still lives with her parents in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, although she's well into her thirties. It's not that she can't keep a job, stay sober, or function as an independent adult. It's something else. Something she can't quite remember.

    There was a party. And a car. And the lake.

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  • Mitchel Street

    Prophase: A Present Tale

    Piper Walker, a high school senior, is unknowingly standing on the precipice of a monumental transformation in her life. She has always been offbeat, relating to nature and animals more than people. She grew up fast after her mom died from cancer at a young age, weeks after her brother was born. With a wrecked home life and a baby brother to raise, Piper is adopted by friends, a kind elderly neighbor named Esther and her cat Jazz, as her family and a nearby forest as her solace. A near-death experience causes an awakening inside her, prematurely opening her eyes to her destiny. A world of magic and light she never dreamt of lay hidden in the shadows of what she thought was real. However, trouble brews in paradise. A long-standing tyrannical rule has suppressed and strangled the world she is now part of. Somehow, she plays a crucial role in freeing the captive races of this ancient realm. Amongst the unspeakable beauty, the unknown danger, and the desire to find out who she really is, Piper discovers an unexplainable, first-time love that becomes the only thing that she can cling to in her stormy life.

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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  • Ron Replogle

    A Guided Tour of Mad Men: The Second Season

    You've probably discovered Mad Men's many virtues for yourself. Think of this e-book--the second in a series devoted to each Mad Men season--as a guided tour of of a television series that presents you with more than you can take in on a single visit. Mad Men comes at you in the form of weekly episodes, grouped into seasonal packages of thirteen spaced across a currently projected seven television seasons at intervals ranging, so far, from eight to seventeen months. To appreciate the nuances of its storytelling you need either a photographic memory or the leisure periodically to review all of the past seasons in preparation for the next one. Who has that good a memory or that much time? This e-book is designed to simulate the experience of flipping back over Mad Men's pages so that you can savor the pages to come.

    Officially rated 4 out of 4!

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  • Michael Reagan

    The Devil's Handshake

    "The Devil's Handshake" is fast paced political thriller set in the global backdrop of natural resources. The protagonist, Sir Thomas Litchfield is an Anglo-Russian billionaire bound by Homeric code who tries to steer a pragmatic course in the new "Cold War" between USA and Russia.
    The story unfolds in a fictional nation located in the Horn of Africa. Taking the reader on a journey through the intrigue and clashes as two contrasting worlds meet.
    The key to this battle and what ultimately brings the countries to the brink of war is the new naval base that Russia is about to construct in the young African nation as part of Litchfield's natural resources deal. To counter the re-emergence of the new look Russia, the new director of the CIA manipulates his President to effect a regime change in the country by backing an ambitious Interior Minister who is the chief antagonist in his coup attempt. To stop this Litchfield and his team broker a deal between the two powers "below the line" to stop them going to war. At the end of the book although he is successful as the two nations avoid going to war it is the loved ones of Thomas who ultimately pay the highest price.
    Neither good nor evil; Litchfield is a survivor who adapts to the situation around him: The two key impact characters that influence the Litchfield character are: his true love a former beautiful young prostitute from Turkmenistan that he saves one night and his bodyguard who tries to act as the voice of reason in his life, but fails. The book's overall premise is. "Blood is always thicker than water," and despite trying what may Litchfield and the villain and those around them can never escape their pasts and with the underlying theme of "Life doesn't always bring everybody who commits a crime to justice" and there always has to be a "Scapegoat" when the Bear meets the Eagle in the field of battle.

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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  • Rayna Dee

    The Fifth Season

    Daman Rathore and Muskaan Goel are not what one would call a match made in heaven. They are two dissimilar people fated together! One, a romantic, is in search of her Prince. The other, afraid to love, tries his best to resist being that Prince and fails.

    Accepting defeat, he chooses to become her Prince and protect his Princess always -but he fails again. When the Princess is in dire need of protection the Prince, blinded by his fear to love, deserts her. When he realizes his folly it is too late and the Princess is far out of his reach.

    To win her back and reclaim his love, the Prince has several intimidating challenges to face, from her determination to never go back to him to his ego, his temper and his utter cluelessness of what true love is. On this road to redemption he has to fight Suvedh, the man completely smitten with his Princess, and keep himself away from the dusky socialite Amaira who, with her mysterious aura, captivating eyes, and a body that is every man's sinful fantasy, is willing to do anything to own the Prince.

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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  • Kent Hastings

    Il Fantasma

    The temperature was rising in Serenity, pushing toward the boiling point. A woman was taking to the streets, gunning down injustices with prejudice. She had crime bosses sweating in a way that the police never could. She wasn't constrained by the rules that the police had to play by. She operated outside the game, off the board. She could strike from anywhere at anytime and blend back into the populace to lick her wounds and plot her next display of destruction. That's what they feared. She was invisible to them, a ghost. She was letting them all know they were in a war, but they would never see her coming.

    A detective with a troubled past struggles to avenge his personal failures by helping a wayward vigilante, a woman whose life has been a testament to the evils of humanity, who has been thrust into a cycle of violence that she would happily give her own life to end. What is a ghost except the echo of a past life? We all carry inside of us the ghosts of our past. IL FANTASMA (The Ghost) is a psychological tale of vengeance and revenge.

    Officially rated 3 out of 4!

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