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Republican Like Me

by Harmon Leon

A Book Review by Scott Hughes

The serious book Black Like Me told the significant story of a white man who posed as a black man and thus debased many prejudices. Republican Like Me satirically takes its name from Black Like Me, but drops the seriousness and social significance. Instead, funny-man Harmon Leon poses as a Republican to mock and pull silly pranks on Republicans for comedy.

Harmon Leon writes his light-hearted book, Republican Like Me, for the average South Park fan looking to laugh, not the social scientist looking for a serious exploration of partisanship in America.

In the book, Harmon Leon tells funny stories of himself posing as various, and mostly conservative, characters to infiltrate various groups, including suburban white supremacists and Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigners. He even joins the Young Republicans and goes to a Christian ex-gay support group. He also takes time out to make fun of Democrats too.

The book does not actually rebut conservative or Republican philosophy, but rather just makes fun of grassroots conservative activists, mostly lunatics.

Anyone with a sense of humor can enjoy the charm, wit, and comedy of Republican Like Me, but fellow liberals may enjoy Harmon Leon's writing more. Many people see Harmon Leon as a cross between Michael Moore and South Park. Republican Like Me gives exactly what one would expect from such a cross - an edgy political comedy.

Reading won't come to any significant revelations by reading Republican Like Me. Nor will the writing impress most readers. Nonetheless, readers can expect to laugh out loud while sifting through the Harmon Leons anecdotes.

Republican Like Me: Infiltrating Red-State, White-Ass, and Blue-Suit America