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Globalize Liberation

edited by David Solnit

A Book Review by Scott Hughes

In this book, David Solnit assembled an excellent collection of essays concerning the modern day struggle for freedom and justice worldwide. The final product, Globalize Liberation, reveals the decentralized unity and commonalities between the many struggling peoples of the world.

Contributors include Van Jones, Walden Bello, George Lakey, Naomi Klein, Elizabeth (Betita) Martínez, Patrick Reinsborough, Midnight Notes Collective, Starhawk, and many more.

The contributors recall stories from all corners of the earth, from Argentina to Britain, explaining both the good and bad that comes with globalization. Globalize Liberation fully analyzes radicalism in the new global community, by not only focusing on successes - such as the use of direct democracy - but also on weaknesses in modern movements - such as the eurocentrism of predominately white activists.

The fact that the writers criticize the resistance movements as well as that which they resist makes the book much more enlightening and valuable. David Solnit's collection of contributors realize that the real issue isn't the problem, but rather the lack of a solution. Throughout the book, the writers note that simply pointing out social injustices will not solve anything; Rather, marginalized activists must also come up with creative methods to unify and incite progressive change.

As far as political books go, Globalize Liberation deserves a spot on every activist's bookshelf.

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