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Compassion is a Choice

by TE Sutton

A Book Review by Scott Hughes

Somehow, Tiffany Sutton found the time to write an e-book, Compassion is a Choice, while still working and taking care of her over 20 animal pets. In the ebook, Tiffany Sutton uses her own experiences as a vegan and animal rights activist to explore compassion towards animals.

Compassion is a Choice offers the reader a wide range of information about caring for their own pets, as well as other animals. Tiffany Sutton advises on such activities as buying/selling of pets, pet training, and what to do when leaving pets alone.

Additionally, in the name of compassion, Tiffany Sutton addresses other animal-related social issues in Compassion is a Choice, including animal rights activism, PETA, and hunting. Most notably, she expresses the need for integrity in activism, meaning that activists need to act out of compassion, not anger or hatefulness.

For example, she says "I have seen people threaten, argue with and randomly seek out people to lash out at. This is both embarrassing to myself and other animal advocates."

Throughout the ebook, Tiffany Sutton expresses her desire to create a better world for animal and human alike. She does this and recommends doing it peacefully and compassionately, by constructively helping both people and animals.

Tiffany Sutton augments Compassion is a Choice by including inspirational and compassionate quotes, such as the following: "Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages." -Thomas A. Edison

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